School Mascot


Adopting a new school mascot ...

August 14, 2018

Today is an exciting day, as we are unveiling our new mascot. Behold the LIGHTNING SNAKE!!! Here is the story…

The Lightning Snake is the brother of the Thunderbird. These two brothers would fly around the Cowichan Valley and play hide and seek in the forest. The Lightning Snake would hide by wrapping himself around tree trunks. You would know that the Lightning Snake had been there because the tree trunks would be singed and charred. If someone was lucky enough to come across a tree where the Lightning Snake had been hiding and find a scale that the Lightning Snake left behind, this scale would bring them great power.

At Quamichan, we are adopting the Lightning Snake as our mascot. We love the idea that the Lightning Snake is the brother of the Thunderbird, as this keeps us connected to Cowichan Secondary, where all of our students are headed after their time at Quamichan. The connection between lightning and thunder is also pretty cool… Our students’ time at Quamichan comes before their time at Cowichan Secondary, and lightning comes before thunder.

The story of the Lightning Snake and the graphic design of the mascot and logo is the work of School District #79 Culture and Language Teacher and Coast Salish artist Stuart Pagaduan, who also brought us the story. We are thrilled with Stuart’s design, and the way that he was able to give us our own identity and story, while maintaining a connection to the school that we have been a part of for the past five years. The thought and care that was put into this design really show! The colours that Stuart chose for his design happen to be Quamichan’s old school colors (green and yellow). A handful of students saw the design last week and they absolutely loved it!